Welcome at the website of LongFields Laekenois. We are Suzanne and Eric de Lange, and mainly Suzanne is occupied with everything about the kennel. Every now and then we breed a litter with one of our  Laekenois, to preserve this magnificent breed for the future. For us it is very logical that health and character are the main points in our breeding.

Besides general information about the breed you will find specific information about our own dogs and the dogs we have bred. Besides information about our own dogs you will find information about the health checks of the dogs we have bred, pictures that we get from the new owners and information about certificates from courses the dogs have been doing and what the owners  are doing with their dogs in dog sports and so on.

Besides this website we also have a Laekenois blog (web-log), where you can find lots and lots of more information and pictures. When we have a litter of pups, we almost daily update the blog with new pictures and stories, so that the future puppy owners and their family and  relatives can follow the growth of their future puppy.


Enjoy surfing on our website!!!


Suzanne en Eric de Lange



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